Located in Gözdağı Grove, one of the hidden gems of Istanbul, the facility welcomes its guests with the smell of pine trees and colorful flowers.

Looking like an eagle’s nest with its wooden architecture on the summit at an altitude of 206 meters in the grove surrounded by green spaces, the Gözdağı Social Facility responds to your search for alternative destinations.

Having a view of Istanbul, the Princes’ Islands, and Yalova, the Gözdağı Social Facility is among the highly preferred places on the Asian side with its picnic areas, pavilions, parks, and excursion areas.

You can enjoy the special dishes of the facility, Gözdağı Kebab and Roasted Lamb over Eggplant Puree, with your loved ones or simply enjoy the bird’s eye view of Istanbul with your drink.

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Dumlu Pınar Mahallesi Gözdağı Caddesi / Pendik

444 10 34

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