Having realized many successful projects to increase the level of welfare and well-being of the people living in Istanbul as per its approach to social municipalism, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) opened Social Facilities for public use in 1994. IMM Social Facilities, which addressed just a certain section of the community until 1994 despite being located in places with the best views of Istanbul and being close to nature and the sea, have now become peaceful and delightful places attracting people to spend a beautiful day as a family with their renovated facilities, high quality, and approaches to affordable service. As of 2020, 18 Social Facilities in total continue to provide service to the public. All kinds of food in the Social Facilities, in which a premium selection of Turkish cuisine is offered along with an extraordinary view of Istanbul, are supplied by the IMM Logistics Support Center, which has its service quality approved by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and has obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety System Certificate.


IMM Social Facilities, which are prestigious places in Istanbul allowing people to enjoy their day with their families and loved ones at any time during the day in all seasons, have become the address of high quality and an approach to economical service since the day they were opened for public use. Social Facilities, which have adopted a principle to offer the premium tastes of Turkish cuisine at affordable prices with first class service, never compromise on hygiene and quality. Within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Social Facilities meet with Istanbulites at 18 different locations in Istanbul and have continued to welcome their guests by offering them reliable and high quality service since 1994.


Improving the social lives of Istanbulites through the services it offers, the Social Facilities are the first choice of Istanbulites with their green areas, tracks for walking and exercise, sports areas, playgrounds, and outstanding views as well as their secure and peaceful atmosphere. Welcoming all Istanbulites with the principle of offering top quality service at best prices, the Social Facilities continue to grow with their expert staff and quality of service at international standards. IMM Social Facilities, which improve on the success they have achieved through quality certificates, service awards, and cooks awarded with medals, are preferred by more people every day. IMM Social Facilities, currently providing service in 18 different locations across Istanbul, aim at welcoming more guests when the facilities with ongoing planning and infrastructure work are opened for service in the upcoming years.