23 June 2016


Yenikapi Coast, which is one of the places where you can live the full spirit of Ramadan, hosts a large variety of Ramadan activities that start before fast-breaking time (iftar) and continue till the time for pre-dawn meal (sahur). Enjoy your fast ending dinner and pre-dawn meal in the open air by Yenikapı Coast which hosts thousands of Istanbulites every night.

Huge Activity Area of 700,000 Square Meters…

Established on an area of 700,000 square meters along Yenikapi Coast, Yenikapi Activity Area hosts activities organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on the European side during Ramadan. In the area where thousands of Istanbulites are hosted every night, many alternatives are offered for visitors to enjoy their time after their fast ending meal and Taraweeh…

Enjoy open air cinema

You can live up to the full spirit of Ramadan with Sufi Music Concerts in Yenikapi Coast. Yenikapi Coast which offers many activities varying from theatre to open air cinema, stage performances to light comedy and shadow puppet performances of Hacivat and Karagöz is the place where visitors of all ages will enjoy their Ramadan.

Enjoy your fast-breaking dinner and pre-dawn meal in the open air by the seaside

In the large and spacious bazaar opened by Yenikapi Coast, many traditional tastes varying from hot meals to deserts are offered to visitors as fast-breaking meals and predawn meals. Visitors break their fast by making a picnic as a family and eating the snacks they bring from home.

It is worth visiting the section of the bazaar which includes booths where various products such as handicrafts, clothes, books, gifts are exhibited and sold. While some visitors visit the booths before breaking their fasts, some prefer to visit the booths after they break their fast and enjoy shopping while walking for a healthy life.

The youths meet in Yenikapi during Ramadan

In Yenikapi Coast Activity Area hosting the fast breaking dinners of various protocols of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Youth Assembly of IMM welcomes different international student groups every night.

The young people get together and have a cup of tea or coffee after the fast ending dinner in the booth of IMM Youth Assembly with an area of 500 square meters and consisting of a cafeteria, meeting hall and a room where they can talk with each other comfortably. The booth which is available for the use of NGOs and student clubs will be open till Ramadan Bayram.

Yenikapi includes a prayer area with a capacity of 2000 people

There is a special tent set up in Yenikapi Coast for Istanbulites to pray peacefully. In the prayer areas established for both men and women, approximately 2000 people can pray Taraweeh at the same time. –

Yenikapi Activity Area, which offers free Wi-Fi, Medical Room, Communication Center and Garden Market, is ready to welcome its local and foreign visitors during Ramadan.

Please visit https://istanbuldaramazan.ibb.gov.tr/ for daily programme of activities organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the Activity Areas during Ramadan.