Located in Beykoz Grove and stretching from the hills between Beykoz and Paşabahçe to Riva, the Beykoz Grove Social Facility has been an alternative for those wishing to get away from busy city life and take a fresh breath since 2006.

Having a capacity to accommodate 1,000 people with an outdoor space of 2,783 m2 and restaurant area of 711 m2, the Beykoz Grove Social Facility stands out with its view of the Bosphorus and the environment surrounded by forest and natural beauty.

Hosting various meetings and organizations as well as wedding ceremonies, the Beykoz Grove Social Facility makes the most special moments of your life unforgettable with its green spaces.

You must try the Koru Steak and Koru Kebap, the special tastes of the Beykoz Grove Social Facility which is included in the top of lists of those wanting to be close to nature.

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Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi Kemerüstü Sokak (Eski Hasır Restorant’ın Yeri)/ Beykoz

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