7 March 2016


The Logistic Support Center, largest of Europe and Middle East, proved its success in the culinary field by winning 3 gold and 4 silver medals at the 14th International Gastronomy Festival on behalf of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The Logistic Support Center, largest of Europe and Middle East, brought 7 medals to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 3 being gold and 4 being silver, at the most prestigious gastronomy competitions of Turkey. Adding value to Istanbul thanks to the its missions and services, the Logistic Support Center proved its success in culinary field.
In the 14th International Gastronomy Festival held with the participation of 400 foreign competitors from 25 different countries and a total of 2000, the Center won a gold and 3 silver medals in fish category, a gold medal in steak fillet and pide categories and a silver medal in lamb meat category.

Food for 230.000 persons in cases of emergency

Founded with the purpose of meeting the needs of Istanbulites in emergency situations as well as the needs of municipal units and Social Facilities, the Logistic Support Center has a daily food producing capacity for 25.000 persons with its 8 fully-equipped kitchens. It is able to increase its daily production capacity up to 230.000 persons in cases of emergency thanks to its well experienced and successful chefs who work on a 7/24 basis.

While producing meals for 16.000 municipal employees daily, the Logistic Support Center also provides hot meal for 9000 persons in soup kitchens with an awareness of social responsibilities. In addition to hot meals, lunch boxes for 33.000 persons are prepared daily in the Center.

Capacity of processing 1 ton of dough daily

At the 14th International Gastronomy Festival, the Logistic Support Center won a gold medal in pide category in addition to fish and steak fillet categories. Having a Bakery Workshop in addition to its kitchens, the Center possesses the necessary equipment to supply the bread needed by Istanbulites in cases of emergency.

In this unit, where all kinds of bakery products and desserts are prepared for IMM staff and Social Facilities, and which have a capacity to process 1 ton of dough daily, 3000 pizzas, 6000 pastrami puff pastries, and 5000 Turkish spring rolls are prepared for Social Facilities.