10 March 2016


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality won 2 awards at the 2016 Stevie Awards, where the world’s best institutions competed for honors. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Logistics Support Center, which stood out amongst more than 4,000 international businesses and organizations, won the year’s best Public Services and Education award, while the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly was awarded in the field of Achievement in Customer Services due to the successful projects it has carried out.

The 2016 Stevie Awards were handed to winners at a ceremony that took place in Las Vegas in the USA on March, 4. Deputy Secretary General Mevlüt Bulut, Head of the Support Services Department Osman Savaş, and IMM Youth Assembly Chairman Samed Ağırbaş attended the ceremony on behalf of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. At the 2016 Stevie Awards, acknowledged as one of the international authorities that adds value to companies and brands, and labeled as the ‘International Business Awards,’ more than 4,000 businesses and organizations from across the world were evaluated for the performances they displayed during the year and in the scope of the positive impacts that reflected on public life. The IMM Logistics Support Center, which was successful in standing out amongst similar organizations, was deemed worthy of the prize in the Customer Services Category, Public Services and Education section. The IMM Logistics Support Center gained the title of the public’s Favorite Customer Service by gaining the most votes in the public voting that took place across the world on the internet and beating its rivals by a landslide. The IMM Youth Assembly meanwhile received an award in the field of Achievement in Customer Services as a result of the successful projects it has carried out.

Success was Inevitable Due to the Longsighted Vision of Mayor Dr. Kadir Topbaş

In his speech made at the award ceremony, the Head of the Support Services Department Osman Savaş expressed that as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality they had carried many projects in different fields thanks to the longsighted vision of Mayor Dr. Kadir Topbaş. Savaş emphasized that the IMM Logistics Center had been a distinctive model in terms of humanitarian assistance and the dynamic of the city, adding that the center founded on an area of 30 thousand square meters was an indicator of the importance the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality gives to the city with its outstanding qualities and longsighted vision.

IMM Youth Assembly Chairman Samed Ağırbaş started his own speech by conveying the greetings of IMM Mayor Kadir Topbaş to all attendees. Ağırbaş explained that they had achieved a great success as the IMM Youth Assembly by organizing more than 400 events in one year. He also expressed that “Behind the successes of the IMM Youth Assembly, which continues its activities in a large number of places in the world, is the determination of Istanbul youth and the large contributions of the United Cities and Local Governments and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Kadir Topbaş, and I thank them all.”